I remember it well….It was a beautiful Spring Day. The Sun was shining and the slopes of Pebble Creek Ski Resort were covered in snow. Not fresh powder, but a nice hard pack that was good for going fast and enjoying the sunshine. We had spent the entire day skiing with our seven children, and I remember thinking, “now this is the life.”


As the day was coming to a close we decided to venture down the bunny slope (the easiest lift on the hill) and hit a few table top’s they had set up. Well, my boys decided that! However, with the snow packed so hard none of them wanted to go off the largest Table Top first.

That’s when Randy with all the bravado I fell in love with when we were young said, “Follow me, I’ll show you how it’s done.”


With that there went Randy in a fury of speed, one part loving and instructive father of 46 the other part reckless and crazy teenager of 17. He took that jump at a speed not yet dared by any youth on the hill as they all turned in amazement. And then came the loud THUD. That impact of ski and man hitting hard packed snow and dirt with an emphasis that should not have been there. Randy didn’t ski off with his usual finess, no he just stood there on his feet having landed, but not moving. I knew it had to be BAD.


And that’s when the flood of emotions and concerns hit, not for Randy (well a little) but mostly ‘what am I going to do?’ You see we’d been through this before. Just over a year prior Randy had horrible pain in his left knee. When we finally went to see Dr. Newhouse we found out that Randy had a torn Meniscus and an ACL that was barely hanging on from an injury 24 years earlier. He had to have surgery and while he was out I was left with everything else. I mean EVERYTHING.


As I mentioned I have 7 children who were all living at home at this time making me a very full time mother. I also was running a private preschool doing school hours. Randy is a full time Physical Education Teacher for the Elementary and we had also opened a Tumbling Gym to finally get out of the rut of pay check to pay check. While Randy was able to get a substitute for his PE job the only sub for the Gym was me! So now I have a full time mom job with a day time teaching pre-school job until 3:00 and then off to the gym to run the tumbling program until about 8:00 at night.  I truly felt like crying!!


“Maybe it’s not that bad,” I tried to tell myself as I skied down to where he was. Unfortunately I had been right. There he was just standing on his ‘good’ leg (yeah the one he just got fixed). He had absolutely no strength in his other leg and he knew it was broken. We helped him to the car and gathered the rest of the children. Randy couldn’t even take his boot off.


Back again to the doctor’s, then like a train you can see barreling at you but have no way to stop only to fear until it finally hits we heard the dreaded and yet expected words, “Yes, we will definitely have to have surgery.” I think I really did cry then.


I felt so overwhelmed and somewhat helpless.  I knew that all would be fine because Dr. Newhouse is the best orthopedic surgeon but my real concern was how long would his recovery be and rather or not I would be able to last, again.


Little did I know a decision we had made concerning our family’s health after the first surgery was going to come into play in the near future. But for now the news kept getting worse. Not only did Randy break his leg (tibia and fibula) but he also had a torn ACL & MCL and torn meniscus and he had to have a lateral release.


The surgery went as well as was to be expected and I had steeled myself for the hardship I was about to go through. Randy worked to regain strength and mobility in his leg. The recovery came and went, thankfully he was able to heal and return to his regular activities. But this experience instilled in us the importance of nutritional supplements.

You see prior to this experience and while still recovering from the first surgery a man came to see us about some new scientific formula for vitamins. I’ll be honest, at the time I didn’t know much about vitamins. But Randy having experience as a medic in the National Guard and also having achieved his Master Fitness Trainer in the US ARMY,
 I deferred to him and he decided we should buy them.


Now considering both of us have been fit most of our lives, not any of those weight lifting, muscles body building type of people but just your average healthy person I wasn’t expecting much. I mean we usually are within 5 to 10 pounds of the recommended weight for our height and age. We were and still are very active.


Flash forward a year and six weeks and I am recommending USANA to everyone. We ski at least 24 plus times a season, rock climb in the summer, love to swim or at least hang out at the pool, walk, ride bikes, camp, and love an adventure. We have always been happy with our health and want it to STAY THAT WAY. And you know I’m writing this 10 years later and it still stands true, albeit we probably ski and travel more!

USANA enables us to to live the lives we want to live, while also enjoying optimal health! We are so lucky to have found these supplements!



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